The Love of a Brother;From Plaistow to Passchendaele

FRED's immediate family:

JWY (Jimmy) Cearns (1851 - 1934) / Elizabeth Cearns (1853-1929)

Louisa Born1875:  James 1877-1959:  Edith 1879:  Annie 1880:  Elizabeth 1881:  Will (WJC) 1882 - 1950:   Frank 1884-1966:  Ruth 1886:   Bertie 1887(died aged 9)
Fred 1889-1917: Percy 1891-1965:  Grace 1893:  Eleanor (Nelly) 1898


Author Percy, as he had prophesied in his writing, post war had a motorbike with sidecar but alas not with the company of Fred.
In June 1924 he married Mary (Mollie) Bloxham
in St Mary's Church, Plaistow. They had 3 children; Audrey born 1925,
Mary Annette(Bunty) 1929 - 1997 and John 1938 - 2012. Percy and Mollie lived for many years in Woodford Green but when Percy retired they moved to Christchurch, Dorset

This is the picture from the book.
JWY (Jimmy) Cearns and his wife Elizabeth and their family in about 1896.                                       
There were 13 children born but 2 died in childhood including Bertie the subject of the carried picture.
Seven year old Fred is front row on the left and in front of mother is Percy. Yes, boys were dressed like that then!
Other brothers mentioned in the book were Will (WJC) who is second from left and Frank third from right.     

This interesting, and perhaps unique, picture of Fred in uniform together with parents and some of the family has kindly
been provided by Patricia Hausmann-Rowland living in Sydney, Australia who is a granddaughter of Fred and Percy's sister Annie.

It was probably taken in early summer 1917 and probably in the garden of the Plaistow Park Road family home. 

In the foreground is brother Will (WJC) and at far right is his wife Jessie; and in front of them four of their children -
from the right; Len (born 1914), Mabel (1907), Doris (1916) and Will (1912) 


  WJC and wife Jessie with their seven children in mid 1930s


"Dad" in the story was JWY(Jimmy) Cearns(1851-1934). His father was also James (1829-1908).

His eldest son (eldest brother of Fred and Percy) was called James (1877-1959); he had 12 children and the eldest son born in 1902
was named James.

Here they all are!

Jimmy (JWY) and Elizabeth Cearns, Fred and Percy's parents, circa 1929